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Mark R. Osborn, Principal

Registered Architect



  •  Alaska Methodist University

  •  Arizona State University



  •  Architecture: Washington No. 6095

  •  Architecture: Hawaii No. AR14769



Mark Osborn’s 30 years of architectural and laboratory planning have included a full spectrum of programming, design, and construction management responsibilities. He is an expert in public health and environmental quality laboratories, academic teaching labs, multi­disciplinary research installations, biosafety labs and vivariums. Mark’s career has been characterized by a consistent emphasis on design quality through effective documentation and project management.


Mark is a highly accomplished construction administrator. He is a specialist in complex laboratory equipment, and has particular technological expertise in building systems infrastructure. He is a valuable asset to the design management process by virtue of his intimate knowledge of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications, and computer systems as they apply to advanced technology buildings. Additionally, Mark has specialized experience in existing facility condition surveys and building retrofit analysis.


As a designer, Mark has provided his clients with designs which are appropriate for the task at hand and flexible in nature to allow for future changes.  Problem solving is a large part of science and solving the design problem is paramount.


Mark has been tinkering and building since very early years.  This constant trial-and-error building, has lead to a unique, in-depth knowledge of what-will-work or perhaps more importantly, what-will-not.  One size does not fit all and in science facilities the correct bench or hood may not have a model number.  Sometimes you have to invent.


Mark has gone so far as to manufacture products required for a particular application when such a product could not be found.  He recently designed and built a sliding table for analytical instrumentation mounted inside a chemical fume hood.


Please see our "projects" page for a short list of Mark's projects.


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